Book Review: Loveland

loveland_w6692_3001Andrea Downing has crafted a masterpiece with Loveland. Her fast-paced romantic western keep readers wondering how the story can ever be resolved. The novel takes place in the mid-1880s, during the West’s glory days.

When ten-year old Lady Alexandra Calthorpe is wrenched from her uncle’s ranch during the night, she’s heart-broken. She screams for her best friend, Jesse, a ranch hand. But Jesse Makepeace and the others are powerless to help. The decision has been made: Lady Alex is returning to England.

Ten years later, Alex returns to Faringdon, the family ranch run by her uncle, near Loveland, Colorado. Now seventeen, she’s still the strong-willed girl she’s always been, but now she’s ready to resume the life she’s craved–to be a part of the ranch, make it her home. But, along with her fervor to become a rancher, she brings emotional baggage and scandalous history. Even though she comes from a high-society family, below the surface lurk dark secrets.

An emotional bond resumes between Alex and Jesse, but now Jesse, several years older than Alex, is dealing with a woman. As their romance blossoms, so do complications regarding the ranch and Alex’s past.

Downing is a strong writer who has written a worthy premiere novel. She handles romantic scenes with flair while showing the nitty-gritty of ranch life in the 1880s. Loveland is packed with action and emotion, leaving the reader wanting more. Loveland is one of those books I hated to have end. A hands-down five-star novel.