Book Review: Chalk Dustings


Chalk Dustings by Gloria MacKay is a rare slice of homespun philosophy. MacKay’s unique view of life, evident on every page of poignant poetry and insightful prose, is sometimes charming, sometimes witty. Her wisdom gives you something to think about while recognizing life as a mixed bowl of beans.

MacKay’s poetry, laced with wisdom and observations, is rich with truisms. She shares with us heart-warming wisdom that only someone who has really lived can do.

Scattered throughout the book, short prose defines life according to Gloria MacKay. She manages to impart amusing yet milestone moments that have defined the person she is. One of my favorites is the last, “Salt Is More Than a Seasoning,” in which she shares her love for Puget Sound. The piece gives life to a body of water that many would take for granted. It ends:

Puget Sound is family. I dunk my fingers in it and splash in it and taste it and float on it and dig around the edges. It gets into my lungs and clings to my hair. I always have. I always will. It suits me.

Chalk Dustings is a book you’ll put in a special place, the kind of book you’d be proud to give to someone special in your life. Chalk Dustings, published by Aquillrelle, is available through