Book Review: Time Lines: poetry and prose



Gloria MacKay’s poems and prose are at their best in her latest book, Time Lines: poetry and prose. The freshness of her words engage and enthrall. The variety in this slim book is far-reaching and thought provoking.

This isn’t MacKay’s first book of poetry, yet her repertoire continues to grow and captivate the heart and mind with fresh, original topics,

Here’s a small sample of how this author’s mind can create a string of words that will keep on working in the reader’s mind:

A stanza from the poem “My Truth on the Loose”:

My truth on the loose
is as hard to control
as a kite and as risky
to grab as a spark

I am no poet, but I can appreciate poetry and its often hidden meaning. I read, then fashion them to fit my own heart, my own experience. Time Lines offers that opportunity in elegant style.

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