Book Review: The Divinity of Dogs

Divinity DogsJennifer Skiff has gathered a precious collection of stories about dogs and their people in The Divinity of Dogs, True Stories of Miracles Inspired by Man’s Best Friend. Skiff, an award-winning television producer, journalist and author, is personally and professionally involved with dogs in the U.S. and Australia.

The book is divided into sections: Love, Comfort, Intuition, Healing, Gratitude, Loyalty, Passing, Compassion and Forgiveness. Skiff begins each section with a personal story, followed by stories written by other people inspired by their own experiences with dogs. Each story has a picture of the dog involved and some of the pictures are so captivating I viewed them time and again.

As with many books of this nature, I gained insight into my own dog, Toby, a chocolate lab. This book has further opened my eyes as to the depth of a dog’s intuition, love and loyalty. Even when rejected, a dog will often rise above it and fill a human’s need.

Many of the stories carry messages of desperation, many of sadness, some of joy. No matter. You’ll come away enlightened, inspired, and enriched.

The Divinity of Dogs is a great read, compiled with the perfect balance of the many facets of the divine essence of dogs.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Divinity of Dogs

  1. The Divinity of Dogs sounds like a book that would be of interest to at least a dozen of my relatives. I’d like to read it, too. Years ago, I read (and loved) everything Albert Payson Terhune wrote about his Sunnybank collies. Our family, of course had our own collies, including a batch of 9 purebred puppies. Those were the days!

    • Oh, my. Nine puppies! Our 1 chocolate lab was such a handful, I can’t imagine 9 puppies! This book, The Divinity of Dogs has precious stories that any dog lover would enjoy.

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