Book Review: Morning Glory

Author Sarah Jio takes her readers to a house boat community on Seattle’s Lake Union. Morning Glory was a fun novel for me as I vicariously revisited Lake Union houseboats and a part of Seattle I know so well.

Ada Santorini tries to find a new life after the tragic death of her husband and young daughter. She rents a furnished houseboat and discovers not only a new lifestyle, but an unsolved mystery that occurred a half-century earlier.

The story toggles in first-person accounts between Ada and a former resident of the houseboat, Penny Wentworth, the young wife of an established artist. Ada is intrigued when she discovers an old wooden chest left by Penny. The chest offers just enough clues to keep Ada on track to unravel the mystery of Penny’s disappearance.

Some residents on Boat Street remember Penny, but they are closed-mouth and avoid the subject when Ada asks. Ada and Penny’s stories come full-circle in a surprising revelation.

Sarah Jio is a best-selling author of several books and an acclaimed journalist of major magazines. For more information about the author, visit

10 thoughts on “Book Review: Morning Glory

  1. Sarah Jio’s book sounds interesting. I loved visiting the Seattle area, which we have several times, so besides the mystery, the setting is appealing as well, and especially to this now land-locked Kansan.

    • Seattle is interesting with a wide variety of sights and activities. I like where we’re living now–within a reasonable distance, but with a more rural setting. Thanks for your comment, Eunice.

  2. I have been a fan of Sarah Jio’s books for years now. I highly recommend her first book The Violets of March. A perfect ‘taking you back in time’ book. Goodnight, June is another fascinating book especially if you are a writer!

  3. This sounds like an interesting read, Mary. I’ll have to put Sarah Jio’s book on my TBR list. I’d like to find out about the houseboat community because lately I’ve been a frequent Seattle visitor…

    • It’s a really interesting place, Alice. In the “olden” days, renting a slip was cheaper than now. I guess those places go at a premium today.

  4. Thank you for the Morning Glory book review Mary! I, too, would like to visit this houseboat community vicariously on our familiar Lake Union! Can’t wait to read it!

    • Thanks for your comment, Lani. From Lincoln High School, I could walk to this houseboat community, and to the marina. It was a whole new, different world for me.

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