Book Review: By Grace

By GraceBy Grace by Arletta Dawdy, the second book of The Hauchuca Trilogy, brings to the reader a fascinating chain of events.

Grace Pelham leaves Albany, New York, after her father’s death. Journeying to New York City via boat, she takes with her a small legacy and a desire to visit museums to further her art interests. She meets people on the boat who will prove to be life-long mentors and friends. An incident happens in New York that forces her to leave her new-found friends and a promising job.

Taking on another name, Grace flees west, enriching her artistic abilities and making friends along the way. Learning that the New York incident has made a turn for the worse, Grace moves further west, with yet another identity.

By Grace is a fast-pace novel. Through Grace, the author shows vast knowledge of art, design, jewelry, gems and 19th century landscape and customs. The book has a strong sense of place in the many regions Grace journeys. The author is skilled in character development and in keeping the reader engaged throughout the story.

I highly recommend Arletta Dawdy’s By Grace, available in print and ebook formats. To learn more about the author, visit

4 thoughts on “Book Review: By Grace

  1. Dear Mary,
    Thank you for the gift of your review! I truly appreciate that you took the time to read and write about By Grace and enjoyed it along the way. A good review from you is to be treasured.

    • You are so welcome, Arletta. I loved this book, as my review reflects. You do a wonderful job of bringing the reader into the lives of your characters.

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